Appetizer of eggplant with tomatoes

Cooking time: 35 min Servings: 4

In the summer we try to cook as many dishes with vegetables and today’s recipe is no exception. Eggplant with tomatoes – a great, and easy cooking, quick and easy dish, very tasty and fragrant, which can serve as appetizer and as side dish. First vegetables we will quickly fry and then stew them together, special aroma to the dish will give green Basil.

The thus prepared appetizer of eggplant with tomatoes is very typical of Neapolitan cuisine. The use of such a trimming and as a separate dish, and you can dress pasta. and if you put it between two slices of bread and add a slice of cheese, you get a lovely sandwich for a light “snack”.

Today it so happened that in my kitchen were a lot of vegetables and some of them I decided to cook a snack and the rest I needed for the preparation of the famous “eggplant-Parma” .

The amount of ingredients is rather small, requires little time, and it turns out very tasty – try it!


600 gr. eggplant; 400 gr. good, firm, ripe tomatoes; 1 clove garlic; green Basil to taste; salt to taste; olive oil as needed

Cooking eggplant and tomato

Aubergines wash, remove the stalk and cut into small cubes about the size of 1-1,5 see

Vomitorium slices. I have small tomatoes and I cut them into four pieces. If you have tomatoes, they are cut in half. The skin in this case, I prefer to leave.

In a pan in enough olive oil to fry the eggplant. Add salt to taste.

Then remove them from the pan and set aside until aside.

In the remaining frying oil fry a whole, peeled clove of garlic and then add chopped tomatoes. Add salt to taste and fry them for ten minutes, then remove garlic.

Now in the pan with the tomatoes add the already fried eggplant and stew all together a few minutes stirring delicately.

Turn off the heat and sprinkle the appetizer shredded leaves of green Basil. Put in a bowl and serve.

Bon appetit!

Version of cooking:

If you were not tomato you can cook the eggplant without them. To do this, we cut them into cubes, fry in a pan in olive oil, adding a couple cloves of garlic. Add salt to taste and generously sprinkle with dill. This is also a simple and delicious starter!

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