Cooking meats

Cooking meats

1. General characteristics and classification of the group of dishes, the range

2. The value in the food group of the food specified in the embodiment

3. Characterization of the mechanical culinary processing of the primary raw material used in the preparation of group meals ( folded flowsheet mechanical culinary processing of raw materials). To specify the range of p/f in accordance with option C, the main raw material.

To determine the percent of waste output and p/f

4. The characteristic scheme of the technological process of production of meals specified group

5. To justify the selection of side dishes and sauces to the specified dish

6. Conditions, period of storage and realization of food

7. To describe the possible design options for meals according to specified options

8. To find the recipe and technology 2-3 dishes of this group with national cuisines. Specify the characteristics of the prescription and technology of these dishes


1. General characteristics and classification of the group of dishes, the range

Meat and meat products

Meat and meat products prepared diverse range of boiled, steamed, fried, stewed and baked dishes.

Indicated in formulations of sauces and side dishes, it is best tempered the taste with this dish. However, ispolzovaniya and garnishes not specified in the recipe, but included in the relevant sections of the Collection,

The normal garnish for most dishes— 150 G. However, the weight of the garnish can be reduced to 100 g or increased to 200 g. in addition, in excess of the main side dish, you can optionally serve fresh, salted or pickled cucumbers and tomatoes, and also pickled the kaput, pickled fruits and berries.

The temperature of the second meat dishes at the time of filing should be 60-65°C.

The rate of application of salt, spices, and greens on a dish in the recipes is not specified. Each dish should provide 4 grams of salt, herbs (onion, parsley, dill) 4 g net, and in addition, as required — pepper, and 0.05 g Bay leaf — 0.02 g.

In the column net some of the recipes in the numerator specify the net weight of crude product, in the denominator — weight of the finished product.

Stew meat, offal

Roast beef is prepared (upper, inner, side and outer pieces of the hip part, the pulp shoulder, Backstrap from carcasses category I, and Chuck), lamb, goat and pork (shoulder and grudniu each species), as well as the pulp of a neck part of pork and some offal. Meat stew large (weighing up to 2 kg) in portions and small pieces. Some of the dishes before roasting pieces of meat stuffed with vegetables, garlic and bacon. Prepared meat, sprinkle with salt, pepper and fry in the heel or in the oven until crust formation. The vegetables included in the sauce, fried alone or with meat, adding them after the meat is slightly browned.

Fried meat and vegetables pour broth or water so that in portions and small pieces were completely covered, and larger half (60-150 g of liquid per serving). To improve the taste and flavor of the meat while stewing, add spices (usually just put pepper and Bay leaf, and sometimes cloves, coriander, anise, marjoram, cumin, etc.), and aromatic roots (parsnip, parsley, celery) and onions. Spices, parsley and celery, tied in a bunch (bouquet), added 15-20 minutes before the end of the fire.

Sometimes in the process of putting the meat and put the sautéed tomato puree. Stew meat at low boil under the lid. Rapid boiling causes loss of the aromas of strong boiling. Large pieces of meat in the process of putting several times flip.

The broth obtained by stewing meat, used for preparing sauce. It is filtered, combined with the sautéed fat-free flour, boil for 25-30 minutes, rubbed it whole for stewing vegetables and bring to a boil. If for stewing the meat using the sauce is ready, add the liquid in the amount of 15-20% with boiling.

Side dishes stew together with meat or separately prepared.

To do this cut the potato and other vegetables are pre-roasted. If the side dish is stewed together with the meat, the dish is more flavorful and juicy. Good taste and aroma of different meat stews cooked in ceramic pots portioned with a tight fitting lid, in which is their pitching. With mass production stews allows for separate cooking of side dishes and meat.

Let the stew with a side dish and sauce, which made the suppression. If the garnish is cooked separately, and placed near him, and poured the meat sauce. When the dish sprinkle with parsley or dill.

Classification of dishes from meat products

By way of preparation:

· in sauces or liquid medium (meat stewed, stuffed meat, goulash);

· in sauces or liquid medium and the side dishes (stuffed cabbage, Solyanka, pilaf, stew).

On the way of implementation:

· together with garnish (rice, stew, roast, soup);

· separately from the side dish (roll with pasta or eggs).

By way of preliminary preparation p/f:

· decoction (heart, lungs, udder sauce);

· roasting (meat stuffed, ABC, goulash, meatballs);

· without thermal processing (rolls, cutlets chopped)

Classification of meat dishes

Meat main dishes are prepared from beef, lamb, pork, veal, goat meat, tongues, kidneys, liver, udder and other offal, corned beef, smoked brisket or pork loin, ham, and frankfurters, sausages, sausages and other products.

Depending on the applied heat method of cooking meat second meat dishes can be divided into boiled, steamed, fried and baked.

The choice of the method or the reception of heat treatment for preparation of the second dishes of meat depends mainly on the availability of parts of the carcass, fatness, age of slaughter of the animal and the thermal condition of the meat.

Boiled dishes. Cook most often the parts of carcasses that contain large amounts of connective tissue. For example, of pure beef is cooked to gradnica, Backstrap, front and hind legs. From carcasses pork, lamb and veal for this purpose, only the ribs and scapula. In addition, cook poultry (mainly old chickens), poultry offal (brains, kidney, scarring, udder, languages), as well as ham, hot dogs, sausages and corned beef,

Stews. Stew meat, containing, a considerable amount of connective tissue, but still less than those portions of meat that hover. Meat intended for stewing, fry until formation of the surface crust. In this case the losses of nutrients are reduced and the meat becomes more tender, juicy and flavorful than boiled.

Long extinguish use the following cuts of beef: beef hind leg (lateral and outer parts), the scapula (shoulder and backpack) Backstrap (from the carcasses of the I category) of beef, lamb, goat, pork shoulder, brisket, neck. Some of the dishes — meat oven, stewed with prunes, home-and others — should be prepared only from a lateral or outer part of the back leg (beef), shoulder (lamb).

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