Exotic dishes of national cuisines of the world

An important part of any journey is sure to become tasting different national dishes.

Many tourists and are hesitant to try unfamiliar and unappealing food, others want to experience a lot of new taste sensations.

After an unusual, exotic and strange (and sometimes scary) looking dishes are the calling card of various national cuisines


Snake wine

This wine is made of snake and rice wine, in the process of making a snake is placed in a bottle to pour wine. Southeast Asia

Meals with blood

The inhabitants of many countries in Southeast Asia believe the exquisite dishes prepared from offal of pigs or ducks, and served in its own blood. Often the blood is mixed in various proportions with fresh milk.Japan

Cookies with wasps

To prepare such cookies, the insects are boiled first in boiling water, are dried and are mixed with the dough, then baked cookies themselves. Pack of 20 of these cookies wasps will cost You almost $ 2


Fried spiders

Spiders caught slowly roasted over an open fire, adding a lot of garlic and salt. When the black carapace of chitin acquires a reddish-brown tint, spiders starovatutinsky and very tender inside, ready for upotreblenije, UK

Ice cream with liquid nitrogen

To prepare this ice cream is taken for any mixture of its preparation and is filled with 500 ml of liquid nitrogen in an enamel pot. The main thing then very quickly stir until fully hardened!Indonesia

Monkey brains

In China, the brains and fingers of monkeys, deep fried a great delicacy, but more often nowadays this dish can be found in Indonesia.USA

Cheesecake crocodile

The owners of the cafe in New Orleans, Louisiana, came up with an unusual recipe savoury cake, crocodile meat which was the main ingredient.Italy

Casu Marzu

With Sardinian casu marzu translates to rotten cheese. the way it is – the cheese is aged longer than usual stage of fermentation, it is brought literally to rot, which is caused by the digestive activity of the larvae of the cheese fly. Worms speed up decomposition and breakdown of fats contained in the cheese, the product becomes soft. Some people prefer to remove the larvae before eating; others like to eat cheese with them.


Rotten eggs

Quail and duck eggs stored for 2 months in clay, sand and salt, until whites turn into jelly, and the yolk becomes dark green



The national dish in Scotland, a lamb offal (heart, liver and lungs), chopped onion, bacon, oatmeal, salt and spices and cooked in a sheep’s stomach


Fried Mars

The infamous chocolate bar dipped into batter and fry in deep fat. Mexico

Cactus “Prickly pear” (Opuntia)

Removing the sharp thorns, the cactus can be eaten in any form – raw, baked, boiled, fried and even frozen. Prickly pear has a delicate taste and plenty of vitamins, minerals, and can even be treated from diabetes.


Natto (soy cheese)

This cheese is slimy, sticky and with a horrible smell. To prepare the soy beans are first steamed for 6 hours, and then add bacterium Bacillus subtilis, and then leave about a day to achieve the unbearable smell. After a diurnal fermentation and subsequent aging week and it turns out this unappetizing, but quite useful product.Colombia and Ecuador

Fried Guinea pig

Guinea pig meat tastes like ordinary rabbit, it has a lot of proteins and fats and very little cholesterol

Africa and Asia

Chinese bitter gourd

Bitter gourd contains vitamins and minerals that can reduce blood sugar and boost immunity.

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