Holiday meals

Many are interested in simple and festive meals, the recipes are uncomplicated and do not require much time. Yeah not a very experienced owner to handle them could, or a bachelor who wants to please the guests or your favorite. Or girl, who knows nothing about fine dining, but willing to become a Marja — the mistress and to learn the culinary science. So here you will find intricate and complex recipes — simple, delicious, quick and easy.

Whatever the occasion, although a birthday, Easter or even Christmas, anniversary or wedding, this pork pork to cook on the table — all the guests will praise your culinary prowess! Delicious, juicy, with a light orange flavor and aftertaste, this pork was hearty and tasty and will feed any guest.

What a festive table without a favorite lettuce? For many years, Olivier does not come with our Banquet tables and there is justification. Delicious, hearty, in various embodiments, made by the hostesses, with different tastes, every time he can improve and surprise guests. We offer you the classic recipe, and options for the preparation of other types.

What a festive table without cute, delicious, nutritious, creative and diverse sandwiches? Under the first glass, waiting for the hot Budoni fly away so fast! Surprise guests including snacks, and they will answer you in a good mood and grateful looks. Recipes here:

Well what’s Christmas without kutya (sochivo)? This is the first dish that is eaten in the evening on Christmas eve, after the appearance of the first star, when the owners can enjoy a meatless table, often of twelve dishes (the number of apostles), and begin to celebrate the Christmas. Give a few recipes — from rice and wheat, take your pick, they are all delicious!

Pork ribs in the oven on a campfire

Come spring time outings. Already want resplit the fire, to make it fragrant kebabs, and here’s our advice how to cook delicious ribs at the stake. delicious, cold beer under — m-m-m, just lovely! Read more:

2 delicious salad with mushrooms

Recipes festive sandwiches

Meat fingers with lard and garlic

Pork baked in the oven

4 recipe for making delicious Easter cakes

Snacks in tartlets and methods of preparing dough

On the festive table is usually a lot of interesting dishes, beautiful and delicious, but nothing like working with small, delicate tartlets with different fillings, elegant and colorful! Be sure to try to do with these baskets, and make your table even more beautiful and appetizing! View recipes:

Duck and goose in the oven stuffed

Creamy dessert Panna cotta

Such a beautiful and delicious dessert will decorate your holiday table and will delight the household in any day for Breakfast or as a dinner dessert. It is simple to prepare, using ingredients you can add other notes of flavor, and to diversify the menu. Kids will gladly eat the rice or pumpkin Panna cotta, strawberry or cherry dessert. Read more:

Pork knuckle baked in the oven

Decoration of the festive table — beautiful idea

Honey cake with sour cream — sweet and delicious

Sand cake with sour cream

Sponge cake with condensed milk

Appetizer of tomatoes with cheese and garlic

Salad with mushrooms and cheese on a festive table

Salad with crab sticks, recipe layers

Baked ham in beer in the slow cooker

This dish will decorate your holiday table, will delight in a typical day the whole family. pork cooked so that it turns out tender, juicy and tasty. Recipe here:

Liver cake from pig liver is the hit of the holiday table

I remember our youth rackets liver cake was always expected, loved and eaten in the first place. we had pre-determined who would prepare what kind of festive recipes, and the one who tried to cook liver cake, nothing more was not loaded. Everyone loved him, and he will not once bring joy to any table. Read the recipe for cake :

Homemade ham pork is not this a holiday dish?

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