Ideas for the holiday table.

Approaching favorite holiday – New Year. Every woman thinks in advance what to prepare for the New Year 2014 than to decorate the table and make your guests happy on new year’s night.

When cooking Christmas dishes in the first place, consider the preferences of your guests. You should also not forget the mistress of 2014 – Horse. So new year’s table should be arranged so as to please not only friends and family but also the horse.

When preparing holiday meals be aware that a horse does not like canned food. She was a fan of all things natural and fresh, root crops, fruits, vegetables and herbs. In addition to traditional dishes such as salad “Olivier”, “Herring under a fur coat”, “fish in Aspic” and “jelly”, try to cook some new and interesting dishes. Delicious recipes You will find in our section “Tasty cooking “.

Since the horse is a herbivorous animal, she loves weed. Therefore, in the preparation of delicious sandwiches and salads, be sure to add the fresh herbs. If we talk about salads, it is best to give preference to those which consist of beets,carrots and all fresh vegetables.

A great option would be the already familiar salad “Caesar” or “Garnet bracelet”. Also the horse would react favorably to seafood salads. For example, you can prepare salad with crab sticks, a Mimosa or salad with shrimp.

Important may be also the fruit salad, which includes apples. In the center of the table be sure to place the salads that symbolize the coming year – may it be a salad “Horse ” in the shape of a horse’s head, or salad “Horseshoe ”, which is sure to bring you luck in the new year.

In General, when drawing up new year’s eve menu 2014 need to prefer vegetarian dishes because the horse is a vegetarian. If you want to follow Eastern tradition and to please the symbol of the coming year, put on the table a lot of dishes which contain green and blue color – in fact this is the main color of 2014.

With green it’s simple: meals include cucumbers, Kale, green apples, fragrant herbs. Blue is harder, but the output always is: blue grapes, plums, stuffed eggplant. Matching colors can be used for the table setting.

Also the horse will like farm products. So if you can prepare homemade cheese or bake bread be sure to do it.

Of course meat dishes on new year’s eve 2014 are not welcome, but it is hard to imagine a festive table without meat. Therefore, you should cook up some delicious meat dishes that will not take much time. This may butarque with mushrooms and meat, rabbit in sour cream, baked chicken. suckling pig or duck with oranges. Any of these dishes to decorate a celebratory table and surprise guests.

You can also cook a couple of fish dishes, such as trout baked in cream. But do not overdo it, in the year of the Horse, they are not very welcome.

Egg dishes will be relevant if you want to have the year of the Snake. Think about water-the eggs – very tasty and impressive dish. Recipe water you will find by clicking the link .

Of course also on the table should present a variety of desserts, as the Horse is known to have a sweet tooth. Be sure to place on a Christmas buffet rye bread and a dish of oats though oatmeal cookies – this is very like the symbol of the year.

From drinks it is better to give preference to natural home drink the juice, compote of apples, as well as non-carbonated mineral water. New year’s eve 2014 it is better to abandon spirits – the horse doesn’t like them. Whiskey, vodka and cognac it is better to replace the wine, a great option would be homemade wine. And of course champagne – because without it can not do any New Year.

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