Low-calorie recipes for weight loss

Low-calorie food is easily digested in the human body. It allows to balance the power, to normalize the metabolism and get rid of excess weight.

Features of a low calorie diet

Common stereotypes about food is tasty but useless food, not in the best shape affect the appearance and life of the body. Comes to the aid of a low calorie diet. It contains a number of features.

The basis low-calorie menu consists of foods rich in fiber, which is found in plant foods. Therefore, plant foods are the Foundation of a low calorie diet.

The diet included low-fat meat products.

Must prepare dishes from fish and seafood. They are low in calories and are easily digested by the body.

In the diet low calorie food includes low-fat dairy products.

Reduced consumption of foods rich in fats and carbohydrates.

When a low calorie diet should systematically count the calories contained in the foods consumed. Being involved in the process, counting calories turns into an exciting experience.

Why is it necessary to count calories

Each person uses per day a certain amount of calories. It is not polenovital-of-bounds.

Low-fat diet will benefit those who use the daily norm systematically keep under control. Better initially to consider the use of calories than subsequently to exhaust the body starving diets.

How many calories you need per day

To accurately count the number of calories will help a registered dietitian. He will professionally create individual diet. Calories you can define yourself. There are an average expense, but daily allowance does not exist.

It is important to know that any human activity is accompanied by burning energy. The higher physical activity, the more calories are required to maintain the tone.

Basic rules to use when counting calories.

Men consume more calories than women.

With age decreases the amount of calories.

Physical work requires more consumption of calories than mental.

Norms of daily calories of children depend on age peculiarities.

Women employed in physical labor, pregnant and lactating spend approximately the same amount of calories

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