Moving the most exotic dishes

The Japanese are distinguished by their brutality about seafood. Some time ago I showed you a dish with a dancing octopus. which is served in restaurants in Hokkaido. Now, not only they eat you alive. A selection of some of the most moving exotic dishes.

8. Sannakji

Sannakji is a dish served in Korea, and which is probably the most famous on this list. Usually, it is seasoned with sesame and sesame oil, and the main component is sannakji nakji is a small octopus.

Usually he, the living, cut off the tentacles and immediately served to the client, sometimes served as a whole animal.

The shrimp can be dipped into an alcoholic drink, she had a couple of drinks, and it will become easier. She dies only when her start chewing. This dish is quite expensive and it will cost in the restaurant, because that shrimp remained alive, it must be cooked very quickly and skillfully, and it is not any cook.

7. Drunk shrimp

Drunken shrimp is similar to the previous dish, however, here there is a little difference. First, a dish originating from China, not from Japan, and they are not always served live. But when they are served alive, this is done in the bowl with the special drink Baijiu, the content of alcohol in which 40 to 60 percent.

Another difference is that the main ingredient of this dish are adults of sobiraetes. In addition, another difference is that in the Chinese dish shrimp “more active”.

She jumps, tries to escape, so the foodie needs to catch her and to destroy quickly, until the shrimp did not run away. She may even continue to move after already swallowed. This occurs when the process of mastication was not careful. It is extremely charming.

6. Salad with ants

Noma originally opened in Copenhagen (recently its “branches” were opened worldwide), has the reputation as the best restaurant in the world over the past three years, it is not surprising that it amazes its visitors with innovative ideas.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?), one of these ideas is a salad with live ants. They are served with special salad, which is full of chilled ants. The cold makes them move slower, and as approved by, the insects have taste of lemon.

However, refrigerated or not, but the fact remains: you are the ants that crawl over your salad. Many peoples eat insects, but few of them are ready to eat the salad with the ants for $ 300.

5. Cheese Casu Marz

Cheese Casu Marz is a traditional Sardinian sheep milk cheese. Milk is not an animal, therefore, becomes interesting: what animals eat in this case? The shocking answer: larvae.

Cheese can stand up to the stage, which some call the stage of decomposition. The larvae of the cheese fly (Piophila Casei) “help” to get to the cheese, to destroy its oily base. They begin to eat the cheese, making it soft and allowing through it seeps the liquid known as Lagrima (the tear).

Although some people get rid of maggots before you eat a piece of cheese, many are not confused. This includes advice close your eyes, because the larvae can start to jump in an attempt to escape.

4. Frog sashimi

This dish is relatively well-known. Until some of the visitors do not order sashimi from a frog, the animal “lives” in the kitchen. After you receive your order, it is gutted and cut, spread on to a cold dish. Meat for sashimi is removed, cut, and the rest of frog stew to simmer for soup.

Some restaurants offer its visitors to watch the process of cooking, however, is not so much willing to is to use this service. In addition, it is worth noting that no less an important constituent of the dish is the beating heart of the frog.

Regardless of taste, of course, this is something crazy.

3. Ikizukuri

It is also a type of sashimi, which means “prepared alive.” This fish dish. Usually, in restaurants serving sashimi this is an aquarium with different fish species, from which the client can choose any he liked.

However, by itself, the cooking went much further in cruelty in comparison with cooking lobster.

When fish is selected, the chef begins to gut it and gives almost immediately. Aerobatics in this case is the fact that the chef carefully cuts off a few pieces, however, the fish at the same time remains relatively untouched.

And cut everything so that people, eating pieces of sashimi, saw how the heart works, fishes, and how she moves her mouth while he eats.

On the one hand it may seem kind of provocation or an attempt to force people to become vegetarians.

2. Yin Yang

Certainly each of us familiar with the concept of “Yin and Yang”, which in this context means “live and dead fish”. This dish is very similar to the previous one, but with one major difference.

While ikizukuri chopped, cut and served alive fish “involved” in this dish, completely fried in deep fat, with the exception of still-functioning head.

The dish is served with sweet and sour sauce, fish, live, as her head continues to move. It is cooked very quickly, but with great care not to damage the internal organs, so the fish remains alive for another hour after preparation.

The reason why live such dishes have become popular is the fact that restaurants everywhere began to brag about how fresh their food is.

In recent years this dish has caused much controversy, but he remains popular among a large number of people.

1. Oysters

Perhaps this is the least extreme item in this list, because most people who eat oysters don’t even suspect that consumed them alive (this is true, because their appearance is very hard to understand it).

Oysters are generally served live because their taste deteriorates after death with incredible speed. It should be noted that even when their shells are opened, they can survive for quite a long period of time.

Only when their flesh separated from the shell, they begin to die, which is exactly why their seemed to suck out of shells before eating. Thus, although in appearance it is not so extreme, yet you should know that they’re alive until you began to eat them.

I’m sure many didn’t know this fact, and many will think twice next time if they want again to eat oysters or not.

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