Options of entrees for each day

Entrees – a special category of dining the soups on every day. The basis of their typically meat broth or broth based on fish, vegetables, mushrooms, fruits less often. In addition to the liquid portion in the entrees is thick. Here the most diverse set of products. The most common grounds are vegetables, cereals, pasta, pieces of meat or fish. When it comes to sweet dessert soups, as grounds may be pieces of all kinds of fruits and berries.

To prepare the first dish at home is a snap. The technology of preparation, as a rule, single. Recipes first courses and step by step Photos to them, however, like ordinary recipes claim that first cooking the broth in which in sequence are laid vegetables, cereals, pasta and other components of the slurry. However, of course, the first dish, each recipe has its own peculiarities and nuances, despite the similarity of the technology of preparation.

Options first courses or their types there are so many. So besides the fact that they can be mushroom, meat, fish, vegetable, fruit, they can still be hot and cold. This means that some entrees when serving should certainly be warm, while others are extremely cold. This has a direct impact on the taste characteristics of these dishes.

Entrees are in the recipes of almost all countries of the world. No national cuisine is not complete without them. There are features in the set of ingredients for their preparation, and method of heat treatment (however, it is maybe not at all).

Since the options of entrees there are quite a few, preparing them even every day, can never be repeated. In this page you will find a large variety of recipes for first courses with step by step Photos. By the way, because they contain not only detailed text instructions, but also step by step Photos, you can better navigate the cooking process.

Further, we offer to learn more about total technology of preparation of meat, fish, vegetable and mushroom soups.


The establishment of the first meat dishes according to the recipes with step by step Photos of our site as well as other resources, as a rule, begins with the preparation of the broth. Broth can be boiled with bones and without. In the first case it is fatter and nourishing. As the main ingredient can be beef, pork, chicken, or other types of meat.

To prepare the broth carefully selected meat first, wash in running water and put then in the pan, then pour cold water. Then sent the pan on the stove on high heat and bring water in it to boil. Then lower the fire and cook the soup under the lid. Time of cooking depends on the meat that is used as a basis. Pork, for example, boil about one and a half hours, the beef –3 to 4 hours, chicken from 40 minutes to 2 hours (depending on which chicken is used). After boiling water for the broth formed foam. It should be removed, if you want the first dish was not muddy, but it turned out transparent. Foam is not harmful, it simply just coagulated animal protein.

Further, the process of cooking your first meal begins only after the meat is fully cooked. It is removed from the broth, cool, cut into slices and return to the first dish at any stage because it is already ready.

Vegetables first laid cabbage (normal cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli), sweet peppers, zucchini, squash, carrots (roughly chopped if). The time of cooking about 20 minutes. You can immediately add cereal. If you are using grains that require longer cooking, they should be pre-soaked for 8-12 hours. In particular, this applies to barley and peas. After five minutes in the first dish sent potatoes and carrots (if it is well shredded). Cooking these vegetables for about 15 minutes. Then after 10 minutes turn the beets. However, it has retained its color, it is first necessary to succumb to the heat treatment, and in the very first course when it’s tab to add acid (lemon or vinegar). After a minute add the tomato paste, brine, salted cucumbers or tomatoes and capers. To lay them before is not recommended, otherwise fresh vegetables in the first meal will be bad to seethe. In two minutes you can send the sautéed vegetables and small pasta. And for a minute until tender add seasonings and spices, including crushed cloves of garlic.


Fish entree starts with cooking broth. This is how the fish whole and its parts (head, skin, tail, fins, bones). As for fish, for the preparation of the first dishes often use fish of sturgeon breeds. So, the fish is cleaned of scales, eliminate the internal organs, gills, eyes, cut into serving pieces. Then pour cold water in a saucepan and sent to boil on the stove. If the broth is boiled with residue from the fish, then proceed similarly. After boiling lower the fire, speaking off the foam and cook the broth for half an hour. Then the pieces of fish are removed, and the head, tail, fins, skin leave and cook about 20 minutes. Then ready broth strained and continue to further cook your first meal. The sequence of laying the vegetables, grains, pasta the same as in the case of the first meat dish.

Vegetable and mushroom

Vegetable entrees are made on the basis of the broth from the vegetables. Their set may vary. Often use carrots, onions, leeks, garlic, parsley root and celery, sweet pepper, greens. All components should be cleaned and washed. They were then put in a saucepan and pour cold water. Add spices to taste. Cook on high heat until boiling, then lower the fire and leave it on the stove until then, until the vegetables properly will not fall apart. After that strain the broth. Varyushina in it vegetables no longer needed, they gave the taste and aroma. The sequence of preparation of the first dishes vegetable broth is exactly the same as before with the only difference that the dish is not added to any meat or fish.

Mushroom entree is also cooked just enough. In the broth laid fresh or soaked dried mushrooms, vegetables, herbs, spices. All this is boiled until cooked. Don’t throw out the mushrooms and take out from the broth and shredded. The broth is filtered. Then return the mushrooms, sequentially add the vegetables, cereals, pasta, depending on the recipe.


To prepare at home an entree for each day is a snap. Make sure that you could, after studying the above information on how to cook meat, fish, vegetable and mushroom soups. Of course, this technology is not a dogma. There are fundamentally different in the preparation of entrees. But they, I assure you, is quite simple to prepare. So open a recipe you liked the first course, explore his recommendations and step by step Photos, and then forward into the kitchen to create culinary masterpieces.

In this section of our website you will find recipes of first courses with step by step Photos for each day, relating not only to Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, but also cuisines of other countries. Delicious and original, they perfectly diversify your everyday menu. And to cook them you will not only text instructions, but also step by step Photos of recipes of our website.

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