Prepare the salad men’s dreams

Many Housewives say that men like most about it is the salad of men’s dreams. This dish involves representatives of a strong half of mankind with its satisfying, rich flavor with sharp notes. The salad looks good visually. Pleased with the recipe and all those who used to be attentive to their health, diet. You can enjoy a quiet meal and know that health is strengthened, and the body receives a great boost of energy for many hours. Of men will be filled, and women are pleased to capture the imagination of their loved ones a wonderful dish. Themselves Housewives have long loved this recipe for the comparative ease of preparation, economy. However, have to boil a piece of beef, but it is unlikely to become someone else’s problem. But what a lovely result in the end!

Here is what is says about famous salad one young lady: “I have tried many different dishes, but this recipe attracted me the most. It turns out that you can cook a great salad, and if you want to instantly turn it into a main dish! Just make the portion a little bit more! Indeed, men’s dreams can easily take on the table centerpiece. It is important to put a little more meat to make more substantial portions. And that’s all! For example, my husband sometimes even specifically asks to feed him this salad, but not to cook dinner. It’s funny to see how he eats with relish this dish from a large salad bowl. At the same time I worry for his health because to digest salad well and does the required amount of calories, it has vitamins and valuable trace elements. Beef I’m still a little pickled when it is already cooked. And the salad gets special sympathy!”

First you need to make sure that on hand already have all the necessary products. We present the recipe for a hearty, tasty, original salad. Our men’s dreams consist of beef, eggs, onion cheese, greens, tasty dressings and potatoes. It should be noted that the potatoes in this salad add not always but potatoes fits perfectly into the overall bouquet of flavors and makes the dish more nourishing, non-trivial. You also need fresh garlic, a blend of peppers, a little balsamic vinegar. Some foodies are sent to this salad and so on, but in this recipe it is not provided.


Primarily engaged in beef. You need to choose the most quality piece of meat, it is advisable to stay at a fairly tender. Well, if you’ve got a shop with its own production, where cut up the carcass. That is where you will be able to find really fresh chilled beef. Because carcass sometimes cut literally in real time! And bring them to a production completely fresh. You can also find fresh meat, and in specialized shops. Please note that it is undesirable and can freeze the meat. Even with proper storage conditions after thawing the meat will lose some its flavor. Of course, it will be saved not all valuable minerals and vitamins. Chilled meat is much tastier, more aromatic, more useful. When you select beef, make sure it has a uniform natural color, a nice neutral smell. At home it is advisable to rinse the meat under running water. Then you can slightly repel the beef. Before sending in a saucepan a large piece can be divided into quite thick layers. The meat has to boil well, but make it too thin is not worth it. Remember to cook the beef you need up to full readiness. You should not send in salad or frying the meat after processing in the grill. It’s too fat, it is far less useful.

Prepare the salad men’s dreams – smite the imagination of your beloved!
Onions you can prepare in advance. In our recipe, we processed it in a special way. Take a good large bulbs. Use have white onions, because purple is not sharp enough for our salad. To start, chop the onion in large rings, quite thick. Prepare a mixture of balsamic or Apple cider vinegar. Half a glass of water you will need about 1-2 teaspoons of vinegar. It send your onions for 10-15 minutes. Then acetic water must be drained, and the onion cut into small cubes. Try to cut the onion properly. The thing is that a lot will depend on the knife and your movements. To bow especially look good in your dish, it must be extremely juicy, flavorful. The juice with vinegar water must be kept within small pieces of onions. So the knife is necessary to take sharp, recently sharpened. Their movements make fast, confident. Then the maximum amount of juice will remain inside the bow. The feeling is just great when I eat a salad with that wonderful bow!

Prepare the salad men’s dreams – smite the imagination of your beloved!
Now it’s time to put in to boiled potatoes. In this salad you can put a little potato, but it needs to be selected. Try to choose young good yellowish tubers or potatoes. If you can’t tell white from yellow potatoes, you should not set themselves such a task. But the hosts have already noted that in the salad dreams men’s suits yellowish potatoes. Says one woman: “I often cook this dish, but could not capture the secret of success. Sometimes the salad was turned with such sympathy that my husband was ecstatic. And another time the salad was just tasty, but quite ordinary. It turns out that it all depends on the potatoes I put in it! I noticed that the delicate yellowish potatoes for this salad perfectly. She’s not crumbly but well combined with other ingredients, has a pleasant viscous texture, which for some reason is very popular with the men. Noticed it and my girlfriend! Now we all choose yellowish potatoes.” Boil potatoes until fully cooked. Check his fork. If you want to save the potatoes, their time, it can not be cleaned. Pack the tubers in a pot right in the title, just thoroughly wash them before. Then potatoes it is desirable to clean and put in a special dish, mix the pieces with sunflower oil odourless, chopped herbs, a small amount of raw onion. Potatoes will be great! To cut it for salad must be quite small.

Prepare the salad men’s dreams – smite the imagination of your beloved!
While cooking meat, you need to pay attention to the eggs. In salad men’s dreams it is desirable to send 3-4 eggs, if you make four large portions. Well, if you buy eggs higher, first grade. They are the most delicious, healthy. These large eggs are adults-only, thoroughbred chickens. In these eggs the highest content of vitamins that are valuable to human body trace elements. Please note that we are in our recipe exactly using chicken eggs. The taste fits perfectly into the overall bouquet of salad. Quail eggs, which are now gaining popularity, delicious, useful, but in our ensemble of ingredients they can make a undesirable touch, as they taste quite unique. When you take a large chicken eggs, note that they need to properly cook. We cook eggs for salad, hard-boiled, but they cannot digest. The fact that boiled eggs are so tight, acquire an unpleasant bitterness that they salad becomes noticeably worse. Boil the eggs for exactly ten minutes. Keep them in the pan longer impossible. They will continue to podvorantsy, even if the water is not boiling. Once you have verified that the 10 minutes has passed, it must immediately remove the eggs from the pan and put them under cold running water. After that you will be very convenient to clean from their shells. You will not lose the pieces of egg shell will not burn your fingers. Eggs should be cut into pieces, cubes of medium size.

Beef already cooked? In the first place it should be cut into small strips, thin enough. In our recipe, we marinated some beef. To do this you need to take two garlic cloves medium size, teaspoon of vinegar, half Cup water. Well, if the peppers you will pour straight from the mill. Garlic RUB on a small grater, and then mix it with vinegar and water, there also pour the peppers. All this mix. In this flavored fluid you need and leave the beef for at least 5 minutes. After that, she will be amazingly tender, will acquire a rich taste bouquet.

Now it’s time to do cheese. Choose a quality classic cheese. Optimally suited Dutch, Russian, Poshehonsky cheese. To buy cheese, various additives is not necessary, as they will contribute to the bouquet of flavors of our salad disharmony, will overshadow other ingredients. We use the recipe Dutch cheese without additives. It is necessary to RUB.

Prepare the salad men’s dreams – smite the imagination of your beloved!
Chop the greens for your salad. We put in a man’s dreams chopped dill, parsley. A few sprigs can be left for decoration.

The role of dressings we use the special sauce. They will need to fluff the layers of the salad. Mix one part cream to three parts mayonnaise, add a little olive oil or sunflower oil without smell, a little bit of Apple cider vinegar and one clove of grated garlic.

Now lay out the layers in a random order, spreading each with a thin layer of filling. We spread the first layer of beef, then covered potatoes, eggs. The ingredients did not fall, not turn into uneven piles, can not grease the layers with sauce, and cover them with mesh from refills. Top cover dish lush hat made of cheese.
Our salad is ready! Bon appétit!

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