Quick and delicious cake in the pan

This cake is done in just half an hour and without an oven! The cake in the pan requires no expensive products, no great skills in baking. And, by the way, it turns out insanely delicious the first time! Believe me, easier of this cake, I have never met, and all my friends and my husband and son just love it! The taste of him – something between mushrooms and Napoleon. My husband says that reminds him favorite Napoleonic)) Only trouble with him is almost no.


eggs – 2 PCs.

1 Cup sugar

flour – 2 table. spoon


milk – 0,5 L.

butter – 200 grams

The dough

condensed milk – 1 Bank

egg – 1 PC.

soda – 1 tsp. spoon

vinegar – 4 table. spoon

flour – 500 grams

Method of preparation:

First, prepare the cream. Whisk the eggs with the sugar and flour. Immediately and add the vanilla. In a saucepan pour the milk and add the whipped mass. Stirring constantly over medium heat, bring it to thick. You will see how this custard starts to bubble. Immediately turn off and let it cool slightly. After add the plums. the butter and again beat with a mixer. The cream is ready))

Now the dough. It’s even easier! In a bowl pour condensed milk and add the egg. Mix well and add the soda extinguished by vinegar. This is a must! After add the flour and knead the dough. It’d have to be pretty dense, but soft.

Now divide the dough into pieces. I usually divide by 9. Roll out one of the bottom and send it to the pan. Fried very quickly! Once the cake starts to bubble – flip. The same with the other side. I fry all the cakes without oil. While the cake is fried – roll next. And so with all the cakes. To leave no time and on a moment – cakes and really quickly fried.

Further, while cakes are hot, cut them on the sides, giving a more regular round shape. Each Korzh apply the cream. Cream not regret – then the cake will be juicy.

The top and sides sprinkle with crumbs from scraps of cakes. You can, of course, decorate and grated shokoladom, and nuts. In General, here already as you like))

That’s it – the cake in the pan ready! Give it a couple of hours to soak in and start eating this delicious. Bon appetit!

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