Quick and delicious salads

Here You will find recipes of delicious home cooked meals, both casual and festive with the most detailed description of the preparation and quality step by step Photos. a website created completely for each family, both for beginners and for experienced.

Cooking according to our recipes, You will not only learn how to cook, but will be absolutely sure that eat healthy and tasty food. And we do everything to ensure that You were not only helpful and informative, but also interesting. To do this, at the beginning of each recipe You will find interesting facts and information on vitamin content, food value, cuisine recipe and cooking time.

Our recipes are affordable, intuitive and simple, as we not only do not hide anything, on the contrary is only too happy to share all the secrets of cooking.

All the recipes before you get to our website, made more than once to get a really accurate, detailed and quality food. And all the Photos are large and clear, so You can see every step of preparation.


Here You will find recipes for different hot and cold snacks, sandwiches, learn how to remove bones from chicken or ducks, how to stuff a chicken or a duck,how to cook jelly (jelly), how to stuff eggs and learn how to cook delicious and aromatic baked ham at home. Our snacks can be served as a family for Breakfast, lunch or dinner, to a festive table.

Pies and rolls.

This is the most favorite and popular section on our website. Here are all the most delicious homemade sweet and savoury pastries, recipes of cakes, recipes of stuffings and creams of cakes, learn how to cook yeast, shortbread and biscuit dough, learn how to bake cookies, crispy waffles, cheese bagels, these classic cupcakes and everyone’s favorite “Brushwood”. You will also learn how to cook real classic “Pasties” and “Pasties in Belarusian”. With us You will bake a gorgeous, lush, delicious, aromatic “Easter cake” and the cake “Earl ruins” with sour cream.


The second most popular section of our site. Salads from simple to elegant, unusual, portion, puff, dietary and vegetarian. Learn the recipes of salads with chicken, pineapples, tomatoes and cheese, a classic Soviet salads such as “Olivier” and herring under a fur coat. And, also, the original “Nest of grouse” salad with chicken fillet and vegetables, original salad with calamari, chicken breast and a grapefruit and even a lot of different recipes.


Where healthy eating delicious, nourishing soups? We will show, tell and help in preparation of children’s soups, soups, borscht, cabbage soup and saltwort. You’ll love the soups, cooked according to our recipes!

Main dishes.

The biggest section on the website Gorshochek. We have divided, for convenience into subgroups:

– meat. Of course meat is a staple on many tables. We have collected the most delicious, fragrant, delicate, delicious recipes cooking meat and various meat dishes. You will learn how to make dumplings, stuffing, classic burgers, delicious stuffed cabbage and more! Surprise your men and yourself meat dishes from culinary

– fish. Fish is healthy and tasty, if of course correct and tasty to cook! While we don’t do sushi, but we will show You how to cook delicious dishes of familiar and popular species of fish. Learn how to fry fish how to fry carp, how to cook fish in Greek. Cook fish according to our recipes and even those who do not like her, love, in Your performance!

– of birds. Many different dishes can be cooked from the birds themselves, but even more – from by-products. Many are prejudiced against the products because of their cheapness, and think to cook something delicious from them is impossible. But they just don’t know how tasty they can be. On our website You will find recipes of pockets with pineapples, chicken breast, chicken baked in honey, dive into the unusual atmosphere, cook the chicken in Hawaiian, learn how to cook a tender and tasty liver in sour cream sauce and many other interesting recipes poultry and offal.

– cottage cheese, flour. How quickly will I eat for lunch fluffy and tender pancakes with apples or thin pancakes with filling or without? How to make “Lazy pierogi”? The answers to these and many other questions You will find on the website of recipes with step by step Photos Gorshochek. We will tell and show you how to prepare quick, tasty and healthy! Quick and delicious Breakfast for children and adults.

– potatoes, vegetables. This is a favorite section not only Belarusians. Potato dishes are found in many national cuisines of the world. Learn how to prepare potato pancakes, sorcerers (pancakes with meat), delicious patties of potato with mushrooms and many vegetarian and meatless recipes.

The garnishes.

In this section You will find the recipes delicious homemade side dishes for fish, meat, sausages and other dishes from the simple to the elaborate. How to make delicious milk porridge? How to cook buckwheat, rice, pearl barley, semolina, millet porridge with milk or water? The answers to all the questions You will find in this section of our website. We will tell and show – how to cook!

Sweets and drinks.

The sweetest section of the site. Enjoy cold winter evenings to spend time with family over a Cup of tea with jam and buns? Worried that give the child juice with preservatives? In “Sweets and beverages” will learn how to prepare at home is healthy, delicious juice or compote without chemistry, how to cook jam or jelly made from peaches, apricots, currants, raspberries, apples, plums, plums and more. Cooking according to our recipes with step by step Photos You will prepare quick, tasty and healthy!

The fire and smoke.

How to marinate meat? How to cook a real plov? What to cook at the cottage, the open fire, that was tasty? We’ll tell You in a detailed step-by-step recipes with Photos.


How and what better to prepare for the winter, how to sterilize jars how to cook a delicious pickled cucumbers, how to make pumpkin eggs and many other delicious recipes preparations for the winter in this section. We reveal all the secrets of preserving vegetables and fruits so that in winter you can enjoy tasty and healthy food. Get ready for winter along with best online culinary recipes Gorshochek and all winter You will delight yourself and your loved ones most delicious pieces made with your own hands at home.

With the soul we treat every recipe that I share with You and willing to answer all questions to anyone who approaches us. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view it. and join our groups in social networks: VK. Fb. OK.

With us You will succeed – good luck and be confident!

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