Rainbow Oriental spices.

Eastern markets are full of colorful spices. Among them we can find spices in almost all shades of the rainbow. In its natural form (i.e. dried and packaged by the manufacturer, without the addition of synthetic supplements) they not only add flavour and aroma to dishes, but also make them more useful. The adherents of a healthy diet and salt-free diet appreciate diet recipes. the rich taste which is achieved through the use of spices.

Red. Paprika.

This seasoning is made from red peppers. It gives the dish a spicy flavor that stimulates the appetite and improves digestion. Paprika loved all over the world, but it especially tasted in Hungary – there has established a unique Museum of paprika. But the main national dish of chicken with sweet peppers called paprikash.

Orange. Saffron.

It is called the king of spices. In the middle ages saffron was worth 15 times more red pepper. It is believed that saffron is a natural antidepressant and powerful aphrodisiac. Hetaeras of Ancient Greece scattered it in their bedrooms and Cleopatra before a date loved to soak in the bathtub with saffron. And today, these orange blossoms are one of the most expensive and exquisite spices.

Yellow. Turmeric.

Archipelagos from the root of this plant is used for soups, sauces, salads, meat dishes and even desserts. Turmeric enhances the flavor of food, prevents and cures many diseases. It is still used in religious rituals. For example, in Malaysia, a paste of turmeric is smeared belly and the umbilical cord of mothers. Because turmeric is a known antiseptic.

Green. Mint.

One of the most popular spices of that color, characteristic of many Oriental dishes. Fragrant mint brewed in tea, added to salads, drinks, marinades, meat and fish. Mint not only overcomes stress and anxiety, but also improves brain function. Roman historians wore on their heads wreaths of mint to accelerate the flow of thoughts.

Blue or purple. Basil.

This is a common shade of the Basilica, or as it is called in the Caucasus, Regan. It is actively used in cooking: eaten fresh, canned, seasoned dishes of fish and meat. In ancient times, Basil was considered a magical plant. Accidentally touching it, the Indians asked forgiveness of the God Vishnu. According to the legend, this plant became the wife of the deity came down to Earth.

Characteristically, flavors of the Eastern spices are good not only in main dishes but also in desserts. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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