Recipes baked dishes with dough, homemade cakes.

A great option quick snack – Neapolitan pizza in a hurry. Don’t be afraid of long descriptions of the recipe of this best Neapolitan pizza – its preparation is very simple!

The basis of English meat pies and dried apricots – dough, which in English sounds like “crispy choux pastry”. The fat in the dough makes it crisper, and flour with low gluten content gives the dough crumbly.

This pizza is delicious both hot and cold as a snack. The form of this “pizza”-plaiting charm, the dough is baked through well on all sides, so crispy, and airy. Pizza braid looks unusual and this was “curious” appetite.

Pie with beans and vegetables on a base of shortcrust pastry, very tasty, unusual and easy to prepare. Of course, the cake is very caloric, but good do not take away the vegetables and beans with short crust pastry create a perfect composition

You are on a diet and think that bread is harmful? After you read the recipe for rye bread with seeds, you’ll change your opinion. This recipe uses a basic dough recipe for bread, but the combination of flour and seeds provides an interesting texture and taste. Besides it is very useful, as katoeys seed contains essential elements for our body.

Well, how can you not love pizza. The recipe is very tasty pizza with squid in front of You! Especially delicious in this dish are small squid, very tender and soft. If the list of ingredients You’ll find very long – take a look: there’s a lot of spices, without which the squid is not bypassed. Try, this pizza is really like.

“Born in the USSR” is about You? So, you probably remember the stunning rustic taste of the bread sold at 16 cents for a long time. The recipe below came from the book, 1971 edition, and from these ingredients turns out exactly the rustic bread with a dense crumb and a crispy crust. Of course, at 16 cents You do not meet, preparing him, but he still comes out very cheap and very tasty, especially fresh and soup!

Only half an hour and there was a smell of Italy. Ah! Yes this is lasagna! With fish filling. And asked: “eat me”!

Recipe for homemade chicken in puff pastry. Prepare chicken: clean the filet and slice into thin strips, petrusite their peppers, spices, garlic and olive oil. Cover the bowl and leave in the fridge for 1.5-2 hours.

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