Layered salad “the Mistress” is prepared from raw and boiled vegetables and spicy dressings based on mayonnaise.

This recipe will be appreciated by lovers of spicy dishes, primarily due to spicy sauce with garlic. Diverse components of taste sensations – sweet, salty and bitter – are combined in harmonious unity.

Mayonnaise-garlic dressing for the salad is quite nutritious. But even for those who are watching their figure, to deny yourself the pleasure to eat the tender portion of the vegetable dishes are not worth it. Should just use the mayonnaise in a small quantity or with less fat content in its composition. Thus you only emphasize the flavor of the main components of the salad, and it will become very “light”.

The recipe will please both vegetarians, if they allow the use of Lenten mayonnaise and boiled vegetables. The lack of meat, favorite vegetables in such a sophisticated combination is just right for followers of a particular lifestyle.

Children often dislike foods with the garlic, because if you want to surprise the kids with something new, prepare for the lubrication layer of mayonnaise and lightly season with his garlic for flavor.

This salad will be your favorite, because for its preparation you will need a minimum investment of time and Finance.

Perfect this recipe for Christmas and new year’s table, but also useful for any other occasion – be it a birthday party or an ordinary family dinner.

Every hostess can change the recipe of the famous salad at its discretion, to cater to the taste preferences of family or guests.

Traditionally, this dish consists of the following components:

Carrots – 1 or 2 pieces
Beets – 1-2 pieces (given the size of the fetus)
Hard cheese – 100-150 grams
Seedless raisins – a handful
Shelled walnut – 2-3 tablespoons
Garlic – 1-3 cloves (to taste)
Mayonnaise – 3-4 tablespoons

In the corresponding layer instead of cheese try using cottage cheese. And shredded cheese you can sprinkle the top of the finished salad.

In the recipe you can also optionally add a bit of prunes and dried apricots (mixing them with beetroot). For fans of sour taste, you can include sour-sweet Apple, peeled, rubbed on a large grater and sprinkle with a little lemon juice. Cranberries or pomegranate seeds are often used to decorate dishes.

Training components

Beets boil until cooked, cleaned and RUB on a large grater, decant the extra juice.

Fresh peeled carrots shredded in the same way (or fine grater) in a separate bowl, squeeze the juice when needed. For those who don’t like fresh carrot, we should try to fry the grated vegetable on vegetable oil.

Hard cheese or cottage cheese rubbed with coarsely, mixing with vegetables.

Raisins steamed in hot water for a minute.

Walnuts should be finely chopped. Several nucleoli can be left whole to decorate the salad.

Garlic passed through a press or chop finely, then mix with mayonnaise. Layers of salad can be lubricated only mayonnaise and minced garlic to add on top of carrot or beet.


Salad “Mistress” is laid out in a dessert bowl or a salad bowl layers:

Layer 1: half of a beet (with prunes/dried apricots), laced with mayonnaise; in this layer you can add chopped nuts
2 layer: steamed raisins chilled
3 layer: carrots with a mayonnaise and garlic dressing
4 layer: grated hard cheese and mayonnaise
5th layer: chopped Apple (optional), lubricated with mayonnaise
6th layer: the remaining beets, spiced sauce (Mayo and garlic) and sprinkled with chopped walnuts, cranberries, pomegranate or hard cheese

The salad will look prettier if you do many thin layers, i.e. to divide the beetroot, carrot and cheese at least 3 layers.

Some Housewives prefer to mix each vegetable with dressing in a separate bowl, and then put in a salad bowl, so all was well and evenly soaked. Others can develop the recipe to your taste – instead of generously season the layers of mayonnaise, you can draw a “mesh” over the vegetables. So the salad will turn out less greasy, which is important for everyone who cares about their health, and more “easy”.

The original design of the salad

For a romantic dinner, decorate the salad with hearts. Cut them out using cookie cutters or knife of boiled beets. Another option: make your own pattern of pomegranate seeds or cranberries. Even more interesting will look a salad is not a circular form, and in the shape of a heart laid out on a flat dish. An exquisite job and delicious salad is your favorite person would love you.

Rose rightly considered a symbol of passion and love. So will be just your ability to decorate dishes with flowers made from vegetables. Salad “Mistress” suitable roses of boiled carrots and beets and parsley or spring onion, imitating the leaves of a flower.

If you will use a special round for layered salads, side will see beautiful multi-colored layers.

Ready salad put into the fridge to soak for at least one hour. Then treat family and friends and enjoy the recipe is delicious, simple and healthy dishes.

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