Spicy salad “Orchid”

This dish is attractive not only because it stands out among the rest on the table, but also very easy and quick to prepare.


Ham or salmon – 250 g (good balyk “Wedding”).
Chicken eggs (3 PCs.).
Pickled cucumber (3 pieces).
Carrot (1 piece).
Potato or rice chips (50 g).
Hard cheese (200 g).
Mayonnaise or thick sour cream sauce (150 g).

Method of preparation:

Boil eggs and peel;

Grate raw carrots. This will be the first layer.

Slightly prisolit layer and cover it with mayonnaise or sauce.

Cucumbers to grate and squeeze. They constitute the second layer, which, like the previous one, lubricated with mayonnaise.

To choose from the packaging of the chips whole and undamaged and store in a dry place. The rest Pogrebite right in the pack and use as the next layer. Spread mayonnaise (sauce).

Cut ham or salmon in small cubes and put on top of chips. In this layer you can use some spices. Cover all with mayonnaise.

The final layer – grated on a coarse grater hard cheese. Stacking product, carefully pressed it with a spoon and add mayonnaise, as if stamping the contents.

Separating the whites from the yolks, grate them on a fine grater. Proteins cover the entire surface of the dish, formed from whole flowers of chips and fall asleep in the middle of the resulting masterpiece grated yolks.


It is best to use for feeding salad “Orchid” with a semicircular transparent salad bowl with narrow bottom and wide brim.The salad must be given at least 2 hours for impregnation.The decoration of the chips is better to do it directly before serving, as the potatoes will get soggy from the Mayo and lose flavor, and shape.

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