Summer salads for every day of the week.

Extremely light salads without components of animal origin as well as possible to digest and give health throughout the body. Treat yourself and family with a variety of salads, every day cook something new. Fortunately, summer ingredients abound!

Monday. Arugula salad with tomatoes

Bunch arugula

2 large tomatoes

Green onions

Olive oil

Tomatoes we shall cut slices, precipi green onions and arugula, salt, sprinkle with oil. Salad is the perfect complement to meat dishes, vegetable side dish.

Tuesday. Cabbage salad with sesame seeds

Half of young cabbage

Tablespoon of dried sesame seeds

Tablespoon soy sauce

Sunflower oil

Nachinkoy the cabbage, add the sesame seeds, soy sauce, oil fill (if desired, you can do without it). Do not sprinkle with salt because the soy sauce itself is salty.

Wednesday. Green salad with pine nuts

A bundle of salad

2 cucumber

Pine nuts

Salad tear hands, slice up the cucumber. Give nuts and tuck any vegetable oil.

Thursday. Corn salad

Boiled or canned corn

Garlic clove

One tomato


Corn mixed with chopped cube potatoes,add grated garlic and herbs. Salt and fill with sunflower oil.

Friday. Salad of young zucchini

2 small young zucchini without seeds

3 cloves of garlic


Young zucchini in the vitamin composition is extremely useful. They can be eaten raw. Cook them a delicious filling – heat sunflower oil, squeezed garlic, salt. Pour warm butter sliced zucchini, add the dill, mix.

Saturday. Salad with Basil and walnuts

2 tomatoes

2 sprigs Basil

Chopped walnuts

Soy sauce

Delicious salad, very easy to prepare. Slice up the tomatoes, mix with Basil. Add nuts and tuck in soy sauce. Oil – as desired.

Sunday. Mushroom salad

Slightly fried mushrooms (champignons or other dense fresh mushrooms)

Fresh tomatoes


Cut the mushrooms into large slices and fry or bake, add fresh tomatoes, crushed garlic.

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