Tasty lasagna recipe

Classic homemade lasagna with minced meat recipe with step by step Photos.

Lasagna, at this point already well-known dish of Italian cuisine, very soft and gentle, which is made from special layers of dough interspersed with layers of various toppings, drenched in sauce (usually Bechamel sauce).

Lasagna has many variations due to the use of different toppings. It can be beef, beef stew, fish, vegetables, mushrooms. And now lasagna recipe with Photos step by step — the simple, lazy, with minced meat.


• package of lasagna noodles

• 0.5 kg of meat

• 300g tomato or a tube of tomato paste

• one large onion

• one large carrot

• 2 cloves of garlic

• 0,7 litre of milk

• 70g butter

• 70g flour

• 150g cheese

• salt

• pepper

Lasagna recipe with Photos step by step

First prepare the stuffing or meat sauce. Grind onion, garlic through the press, the tomatoes are cleaned and milled in a blender (if not tomato, tomato paste), carrot sticks.

Boil meat, grind in a meat grinder. All these ingredients mix up. Add salt, pepper.

Prepare the famous and most delicious Bechamel sauce.In a separate bowl, heat the butter over low heat. When the oil becomes quite liquid, a little bit fall asleep flour. Stir fry lightly. Then a thin stream, gently introduce the milk. Keep on heat, stirring, waiting until the sauce slightly thickens.

Add the ground nutmeg, add some salt a little.

This same sauce can also be used for other dishes. For example, for baked fish. Then I cook it a little more and leave some in the saucepan.

Now the fun begins. Take a pan, pour in a portion of Bechamel sauce. Cover it with lasagna noodles.

They layer the meat filling.

Add Bechamel sauce.

And again lasagna sheets. Do as many layers. many of the more important products.

On the top layer pour the remains of Bechamel sauce. The main thing here is that the sauce completely covered the entire lasagna recipe with Photos.

RUB cheese on a grater and sprinkle the entire surface.

Put in the oven. Bake the lasagna at 180 degrees for 45-50 minutes.

Ready lasagna cut into pieces and put into serving dish. Decorate with greens. Served with vegetables or with tomato sauce.

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