The best dishes from around the world

If you love to eat out and find a dish that will decorate your Christmas table, then you’ve come to the right place, because Ilive is the continuation of the article “Top 50 dishes around the world.” Today we will introduce you to dishes and products which gained the love of people and are very popular all over the world.

25. Crab in butter, India
To get to the people taste and aesthetic pleasure, the crab will have to suffer and, as in the fairy tale “the little humpbacked Horse”, to swim in a VAT, not only with milk and water, and boiling oil. Each piece of crab is soaked with garlic-butter sauce, the aroma of Indian herbs gives a perfect flavor. But the main thing is that the crab can be eaten whole, without brushing. His armor is very delicate and creates a fantastic range of flavors.

24. Champ, Ireland
Irish national dish Champ is destroyed faster than the first pint on Friday. Oh! By the way, Champ is mashed potatoes with scallions, butter, salt and pepper. The perfect addition to any meat or fish. Or maybe meats and fish – the addition to Champa? However, in order to understand this, better check yourself, for example, in any Irish pub.

23. Lasagna, Italy
The palm in the ranking of the famous Italian dishes the lasagna is second only to pizza. Adults and kids will love the famous layer cake.

22. Cake with vanilla ice cream, the whole world
Well, you see, there are no people that are completely indifferent to sweets. Especially fond of vanilla ice cream!

21. Croissants, France
Classic French Breakfast. This is the first thing that comes to mind. Actually, the French pastry originating from Austria, however, the French themselves do not hide, and just enjoy the crispy pastries in tandem with coffee or hot chocolate.

20. Arepa, Venezuela
20. Arepa, Venezuela

Probably, the Mexicans, the Venezuelans we are friends. And some, and others can’t live without corn tortillas. However, there are still some differences: if Mexican tortillas are flat and thin, in Venezuela they are roasted, leaving a delicate texture on the inside.

19. Nam Tok Moo, Thailand

“The meat falls” in the title of this dish. It implies the presence in meat of the fluid, i.e. blood. Roast pork combined with green onions, chili pepper, mint and rice.

18. Kebab, Iran

“Meat cooked on an open fire”. The most common type of kebab – shish kebab, in fact, our barbecue. The main thing is the seasoning and the marinade, and fantasy.

17. Lobster (lobster), whole world

Lobster can be prepared any way: to make ceviche, soup, soup-bisque.

But the best way to enjoy the delicious meat sea cancer – just boil it in salted water and get pleasure from meals in combination with butter and a slice of lemon.

16. Egg pie, Hong Kong

Dessert of contrasts: puff pastry and custard. A delightful treat that you must try it hot, right out of the oven.

15. Roast boar, USA

This dish you will bring chefs in starched aprons,…you will dig. No, do not think that Hawaii (and the roast boar is a traditional Hawaiian feast) appeared earth-pig, just so happens the preparation of this dish. A whole pig is placed deep underground, in the oven, on hot stones, covered with fragrant leaves and kept there for a day. Wild boar is very tender and fragrant. Long wanted to visit in Hawaii? Forward! For new experiences.

14. Doughnuts, USA

These American fried wheels need no introduction.

The consciousness that you eat a ton of calories causes a feeling of guilt, but the appetite is not lost.

13. Corn, whole world

Is there anything new to talk about corn? This grain was grown at the dawn of our civilization, and now it does not lose its positions. Like it or not, corn is the great cereal.

12. Shepherd’s pie, UK

An old English dish. Ground beef and mashed potatoes “Packed” into a layer of crispy puff pastry. To feel the spirit of old England, try a dish on a rainy gloomy day, the sounds of crackling logs in the fireplace.

11. The Rendang, Indonesia

Beef cooked on a slow fire in coconut milk with a blend of lemongrass, ginger, chilli and turmeric. Some like this dish more the next day.

10. The chicken Muamba, Gabon

Delicious dish of Gabon will make you remember about the training in the gym. But enjoy it still stands: chicken, chili, garlic, tomatoes and palm oil – a delightful festival of flavors.

9. Ice cream, USA

Americans buy ice cream all year round. Some may use it as a main dish (several times a day). Admittedly, in the USA this treat is really tasty. Nuts, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, caramel and many other additives – the temptations no one can resist the diet.

8. Tom Yam Kung, Thailand

All the flavors that are so loved by Thais, perfectly joined together this dish. Sour, salty, spicy and sweet – trust me, the incongruous is combined! The main ingredient of the soup Tom Yam kung – prawn. In line coconut milk, cream, ginger, coriander and, of course, herbs with lemon scents.

7. Penang Assam Laksa, Malaysia

Mackerel, tamarind, chili, mint, lemongrass, pineapple – the aroma of this thick fish soup will make you swallow saliva before you have time to bring the spoon to her mouth.

6. Hamburger, Germany
If people spend $20 billion a year, so the dish takes its rightful place. Bread-meat-salad combination is so good that the hamburger conquered practically the whole world.

5. Peking duck, China
One of the most famous Chinese dishes. Peking duck is famous not only for their taste, but the cooking process which requires a lot of effort.

4. Sushi, sushi, Japan
If the Japanese want to do something good, they do it very well. This applies not only to high technologies of the Country of the rising sun but also her cooking. Rice and raw fish – it would seem, what could be easier? But this exquisite simplicity the Japanese have conquered the whole world.

3. Chocolate, Mexico

It is unlikely that we strongly exaggerate if we call chocolate one of the most genial inventions of the ancient Mesoamerican civilizations of the Mayans and the Aztecs. This confectionery product is from the fruit of the cocoa was brought to Europe in the 16th century, and since then, over two centuries it remained a very expensive product, available only to the aristocrats. How cool is that now to eat chocolate can afford anyone. Except for those who are on a diet.

2. Neapolitan pizza, Italy

Using just a few components, the Neapolitans have created a delicious pizza that not everyone will be able to cook properly, but the taste is enjoyable for all.

1. Massaman curry, Thailand

Queen of curry (popular in Asia spicy thick and liquid foods), and maybe the Queen of cooking – Massaman curry, top creative Thai chefs. Traditionally for Thai food in this dish blends sweet and salty. The composition of Massaman curry comes with potatoes, chicken or beef, coconut milk and peanuts. Served with boiled rice.

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