The five most exotic restaurants of the worlda

There is a huge variety of restaurants offering Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Russian and other cuisines. Nobody is surprised by the exotic cuisine, impeccable service and stylish interior. Attracts more visitors — the atmosphere.

The name of the restaurant “Dans le Noir” means “In the dark”. And it’s actually true. In the restaurant, there is complete darkness. At the entrance visitors rent mobile phones and the objects emitting light. The waiter takes the guest to the table. To rely only on hearing and intuition. The waiters are blind, so they don’t need light — they are perfectly oriented in the dark. The taste of food absorbed in the dark, think sharper and remember for a long time.

In Ukraine gourmets serves with the title “let’s meet in Paradise”, “the ninth day” in … a large coffin. This is a restaurant, located in Truskavets. There are coffins everywhere, on the tables candles, hang wreaths. The restaurant is very popular, and couples with nerves of steel dare even to the celebration of weddings.

The restaurant “Dinner In The Sky” visitors are treated to dinner in heaven in a literal sense. Guests raise the crane to a height of several tens of meters. At the same time the restaurant can primatine more than twenty people. It is located in Belgium, but there were cases when a huge crane was transported to Brussels and Paris. The main thing is to have a powerful machine able to reach the destination.

The restaurant “Modern Toilet” is suitable only for those gourmands who do not complain of lack of appetite, even in extreme conditions. The restaurant is located in Taiwan and treats visitors with true exotic. Instead of chairs the guests sit on the toilet, the lid closed and have painted with intricate patterns. The plate is also shaped like a bowl, glasses, containers for the collection of tests.

The restaurant-the hospital, located in Riga, proved that the hospital can not only cure, but also to feed a chic dinner. The visitor chooses a Cabinet in which to eat – a good two-story restaurant spaces lot: the dentist, the gynecologist’s office, operating, etc. the Waitresses in the restaurant are the exotic sexy nurse with fiery red wigs, meals are served in metal bowls with scalpels, syringes and other medical devices.

In the world there are a lot of restaurants that capture the imagination and attract tourists from different countries: the Nude restaurant, hobbit restaurant, underwater restaurant, restaurant-prison, etc. Opportunities to get a lot of emotions during the meal a lot. Can only add: Bon appetit and new experiences!

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