The most expensive food in hotels and restaurants

If you are tired of ordinary food, and money put was nowhere, then it is time to try the food tasted only favorites. Pizza with lobster, sandwiches with truffles and other culinary madness – in our collection.

A ham sandwich for the price of the Playstation 4

Luxury hotel Cliveden House – it’s not just rooms with beautiful views of woods and furniture from rubber trees, but also a rather unusual assortment in the place of the restaurant. It would seem like you can make a sandwich expensive? But in Cliveden House have found a way out: between the three pieces of plain bread, you only need to put the jamon (a special kind of dried meat from pigs that were fed acorns cores), truffles, hard-boiled quail eggs and semi-dried Italian tomatoes.

The combination, I must say, pretty wild, considering that ham is generally not customary to put on the bread, not to mention truffles. But the rich have their quirks. For Von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich that tastes will likely be as usual morning sandwich with sausage, ask about five hundred dollars. If you are lucky to get a discount, you will be able to get the coveted sandwich for only half its value. The weight of the sandwich is impressive – about half a kilo, so will not go hungry.

Scrambled eggs with caviar for the price of a Macbook

Le Parker Meridien in new York – the dream hotel with views of Central Park and the Hollywood film stars in advertising. Menu and prices are appropriate (with them you can find on the official website of the hotel one of the most expensive hotels in the Big Apple be otherwise simply could not. Even such a simple, seemingly, the dish, like an omelette, here is a thousand dollars.

Polukilogrammovye omleta mass lies on fried potatoes expensive varieties and topped with a coat of sevruga caviar. In order to justify such a high price for the delicacy the chef has to be put in the egg and lobster. A dish called The Zillion Dollar Frittata is listed in the Guinness Book of records as the most expensive omelet in the world. Bon appetit!

Pizza with pink salt for the car

If you ever while traveling in Italy you will have too many euros, do not want again to convert into national currency, you can always spend it on pizza for 8300 Euro under the name of Luis XIII. According to chef Renato viola, a culinary masterpiece well worth the money, because the flower ingredients more than picturesque: there’s lobster, truffles, and caviar, and the Mediterranean shrimp, and even “mozzarella di Bufalo” – cheese produced from the milk of Italian Buffalo black trained. All this sprinkled with Australian pink salt (it is a little saltier then regular salt), grains collected manually from the Murray river. Of course, all very fresh and tasty.

To prepare it, two chefs will travel to any corner of Italy, for example, the hotel where you are staying, and bake 8300 euros right before your eyes.

Ice cream or a country house?

The restaurant Serendipity 3 located at 225 East 60th Street, between Second and Third Avenue in new York city, famous not only among locals but also among tourists and celebrities. Here, even when starred several films, the most famous of which – “Intuition” with John Kusaka.

Perhaps it is for shock value and attracting attention in the menu of the Serendipity 3 has appeared the most expensive ice cream in the world. The delicacy made of 25 varieties of cocoa, cream, Tahitian vanilla, and other rare ingredients. As the truffle or lobster ice cream to put in will not work, and the price needs to be justified, the dessert is decorated with pieces of edible gold (regular gold, rolled in very thin flakes) plated and served in a glass with a diamond. Happy to try this ice cream will have to part with 25 thousand dollars. If you decide on this, then you know that sweets must be ordered in advance. This can be done on the restaurant’s page on Facebook.

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