The technology of cooking dishes of exotic fish species

There is a sea-fish fashionable. Ask, if possible, any opinion leader, character gossip. And the question about your favorite food, most likely, he will say, Dorada, sea bass, turbot, monkfish.

In the era of surrogates and substitutes, mutants and clones, the gifts of the seas – the little that inspires confidence. They do not contain pesticides and radionuclides which are not so contaminated with heavy metals, and diseases like of mad cow disease and avian influenza in flocks of fish is not fixed yet.

The ancients bestowed on his Desk silent inhabitants of the sea depths. Plutarch wrote that “the sea water is undrinkable, and with it – all living beings in it”. The Egyptians and the Pythagoreans were convinced that those who eat fish, is loose the glutton.

Fortunately, we the present time, these prejudices are not infected. Because marine fish and delicious, and juicy, and tender. And useful supplies of easily digestible complete protein, fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. Feeds phosphorus, iron, copper, iodine. It is digested twice as fast meat. Fish dishes are prepared quickly, do not leave in the stomach feeling of heaviness.

Yes, fish do a lot of things: boil, turned up, fry in a pan or on the grill, stewed, steamed, baked (with and without vegetables, in foil, parchment, dough, and salt). It can be salted, smoked and canned. To prepare the soup, meat soup, aspic. And can be eaten raw (sashimi) or frozen (sliced). But it is better for each fish to find your recipe.

“Even in ancient times Hellenic chefs came to the conclusion: for each class of fish preferred their own way of cooking. No wonder every Athenian chef specialized in fish of some kind. Nereus Chios – on the tuna, eel and carp fillet, Ariston – on sea urchins. On fried fish – Agis of Rhodes”.

Modern cooks-rounders such luxuries can not afford. They prepare different varieties and in different ways, but politely explain to guests that this sort to cook so not worth it, and remember the commandments predecessors. “Red mullet, sea languages or palamida particularly delicious when fried or in breadcrumbs. Anchovy lamprey win if they prepare the way “Borgata” (simmered in olive oil with spices). And suban just get tastier baked in the oven. In principle, sauté, bake on the grill or braise with vegetables and spices can any fish”.

Preparing fish, it is necessary at the level of conditioned reflexes to follow the rules: Before you cook fish, it must be salt, pepper and acidified, in some cases, you can replace it with soy sauce, you can use ready mixes of spices for fish, fish also likes white pepper and dill, lemon juice.

To enhance the taste, you can use herbs – rosemary, thyme, dill. At all of the seasonings to the fish requires a minimum.

“Cook should aspire to that fish emerged as less juice. To do this, use the breadcrumbs, wheat flour or corn, the batter. Bake fish in foil, parchment or banana leaf. But its better to cook in small quantity of water, by way of poaching, or in a water bath”.

Preparing fish – whatever the type and method of cooking – a few minutes. Availability can be determined, for example, in appearance: the fish should be completely opaque. And internal: for this you need to make an incision between the ridge and pulp.

As for the garnish, then the best option is vegetables or rice, although Russian cuisine is typical of the use of potatoes.

Marine fish sauce is well served. Often it is cooked in a fish broth, vegetable or mushroom broth. The sauce can be hot or cold. Broth – the Foundation for a sauce produced from fish bones and heads, removing the gills and eyes, put onions, carrots and Bay leaf. There are many options to continue, but, as a rule, in the sauce add the egg yolks, butter or olive oil, lemon juice, white wine, black pepper.

Another option is a fresh tomato sauce. It is suitable for grilled fish, and make it two or three tomatoes: the need to remove the peel, remove seeds, chop pulp and drain the juice.

Sauce fish dish is seasoned before serving or serve it separately – it was kinda gravy boats. Sometimes the fish is baked in the sauce.

The fresher the fish, the lighter and thinner the taste of the sauce she needed. But if the fish was frozen, it is best to make the sauce more concentrated, fatty. Only get involved sauces are not worth it.

2. The main part

2.1 Dorado. Characteristic features of mechanical and thermal treatment; the recommended side dishes and sauces.

Dorada fish with a rich literary dowry.

Dorado – Sea bream (Dorado, Sea Bream) – fish family sparovek, distributed mainly in tropical and subtropical parts of all oceans and adjacent seas.

The Dolphin fish (Dorado) is quite a strange creature, with a blunt head, long dorsal fin and clearly separated tail fin. Often Dolphin fish is also called Dolphin-fish, and in most Pacific ports – Mahi-Mahi. In some parts of the world it is called Dorado. One of the distinguishing features – a spectacular blue-green and yellow color, which quickly fades after death of the fish. The Dolphin fish migrate long distances, it can be found in temperate and tropical seas around the world. Record the weight of 39.4 kg.

Symptoms: oval, flattened laterally body with a steep profile of the head, above the eyes there is a distinct spike. Large jagged scales, the head also covered with scales. Gill cover without spines, the edge of prekrasni smooth. Little lower mouth. Jaw only slightly pushed forward, the upper jaw somewhat longer. Long, undivided dorsal fin with 12 rays-spines and 9-11 soft rays. Pectoral fin with 1 spiny ray and 5 soft rays. Painting, silver grey. Plwiki with pink Caudal fin with dark border in the middle and white tips. At the base of the last ray of the dorsal fin small, reddish-brown stain, which disappears after death. The body length of 75cm.

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