No. 1. Balut
Re: The Philippines.
It’s a duck egg, the embryo in which already acquired the feathers and the beak is raised and then it is cooked. They say that bones are particularly nice crunch. Eat it in Cambodia.
No. 2. Pacha
Re: Iraq.
Just boiled sheep’s head.
No. 3. Wine from pups

Re: Korea.
This traditional health drink in China and Korea, the taste of it, say, kerosene. Little pups, still blind, are in the bottles of rice wine. Touching.
No. 4. Lutefisk
Location: Norway.
After the infected cheese, this dish is comforting clean. Even too.
It’s cod soaked in an alkaline solution to such an extent that the fillets could corrode silverware.
In principle, the alkali is used for pipe cleaning, weeding, burning the horns of a cow, and so on, but some argue that lutefisk edible.
No. 5. Casu Marzu
Location: Sardinia, Italy.
It’s sheep cheese, cheese infected flies. The result: the rotting stink bomb, moth larvae.
Translucent larvae are able to jump, so you need to protect your eyes. Taste burns language, derived from cheese smelly liquid called lagrima – tears, and the larvae are not digested and can begin to multiply, causing vomiting and bloody diarrhea.
No. 6. Escamoles
Re: Mexico.
It is the eggs of giant black ants liometopum who live in ahavah. To collect these eggs are damn dangerous work, because the ants are poisonous and do not like people.
The consistency of the eggs just about like cottage cheese. Usually eat them in tacos with guacamole. They taste pretty good, so buying in Mexico something from the national cuisine, you may not notice that ate the ant eggs.

No. 7. A live octopus
In Korea, a great delicacy is octopus. To see and choose it in large aquariums, which are usually located at the entrance to the restaurant. Love it and older men, and young girls.

How to eat: eat the octopus with the head, then he will strangle You with its tentacles. But it is for thrill-seekers, but usually the octopus is cut into small pieces, about 1-2 cm and is served with kimchi (Korean cult dish – marinated in a special way cabbage). The pieces of tentacles wrapped in kimchi and eat.
Taste: like overcooked calamari. That is hard.
Than useful: the absolutely fat-free.

No. 8. Tarantula

In Cambodia, the noble delicacy, almost like black caviar in the West, is considered a big spider “a-ping” – a kind of poisonous tarantula. This is the specialty of the town of Skuon not far from Phnom Penh. Do not be frightened by the formidable appearance of this large spider with venomous fangs, the size of the palm of an adult male. Before you begin to cook, the spider need to find, to pull out of the hole and pull out the poisonous fangs. Claystone then slowly roasted on an open fire (definitely wood) with the addition of large amounts of salt and garlic. When the black chitinous shell will become reddish-brown spider with a crispy crust and very tender inside ready for use.

As-is: preferably piping hot, better hands.
Taste: reminiscent of a chicken.
What’s in it: contains high quality protein and almost no fat. Helps to relieve back pain and treat some diseases of the respiratory system. Spiders ‘ legs, abdomen and poisonous jaws insist on the rice wine – it turns dark brown turbid liquid, which raises the overall tone.

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