Top 10 most “delicious” countries


The ranking of countries with the most delicious food made the Agency CNN. Led by the top ten leaders of Italy, behind her followed by: USA, Mexico, Thailand, Greece, India, Japan, Spain, France and China. That second place gave to the States, it may be subjective (could American experts to ignore your country?). On the other hand, and in the American cuisine is the highlight. So, watch and learn, and in what camp is worth a try.

America is the birthplace of the world famous fast foods. No one can deny that it is extremely unhealthy food, but this rating is not about harm, but about the taste. So cheeseburgers a party to bypass will not succeed. Also the USA can be thankful for the appearance of chocolate chip cookies.

Mexican kitchen . on the contrary, collected all the most useful: tomatoes, avocado, lime, beans, garlic, chili and chocolate. Based on the chili and chocolate cook of the famous mole sauce. Also Mexico is famous for grilled pork tacos al pastor and an ancient Mayan dish of wrapped in sheets of dough made of corn flour. This food called tamales.

Thai recipes the longest lists of ingredients. The most famous dishes can be considered: the soup is Tom Yam kung, which combines the flavors of lemongrass, galangal, Kaffir lime and chilli, green papaya salad massaman curry and fermented fish, PLA som.

Feature Greek food in olive oil. Traveling through Greece, is to try to spanakopita, a dish of baked in puff pastry feta cheese and spinach. Also noteworthy fried meat with tzatziki sauce, wrapped in pita – gyros. Lakanoita – mixed with rice cabbage and onions – hearty, but not such an exotic dish. By the way, dolma and lentil soup came to the us from Greece.

Indian chefs are masters of vegetarian cuisine. First, teas and sweets. And who wants to eat denser can safely order gave – a dish of stewed lentils, crepes or dosa with cheese, vegetables or other fillings.

The Japanese have a tendency to turn everything into art, and cooking is no exception. Maybe that is why miso soup, sushi and sashimi won him fame around the world and don’t need separate representation. No less popular and Japanese tempura – deep fried vegetables, fish pieces, shrimp. About fugu also heard everyone, though is it worth risking your life to eat a poisonous fish question…

The Spaniards are real foodies. They invented jamon – dry-cured pork ham, set on a special stand. Cutting this leg is a whole ritual. Salad gazpacho dish less ritual, but no less famous. But the local dessert made of sweet fried dough called churros, you can try travelling the country. Will be in Spain, don’t forget to eat.

In France you can try the meat stew with beans, Le Cassoulet, beef stew pot-au-feu or steak. Despite the fame of the French as sophisticated palates, “native” cuisine of their country is quite simple. Even foie Gras – just fried the liver cirrhosis is brought to the geese. From the exotic, you can try snails-escargot or frog legs. Recommended side dish instead of a crispy French baguette and coffee to choose delicate meringue Macarons.

The Chinese are known for the ability to turn a fish into a chicken, and rabbit fish. In culinary terms, China is the most exotic country, especially to the taste of European. However, there are dishes that may surprise you is not easy, but nice. It’s pork in sweet and sour sauce, Peking duck and Xiaolongbao – large dumplings with hot broth inside.

And, in conclusion, say a word about Italian cuisine . heading the rating. Although, with the culinary delights of Italy’s almost all of us are already familiar with. Spaghetti and pizza, lasagna, salami and mozzarella, once conquered the heart of the gourmet, is able to remain in it forever.

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