Veal tenderloin with BlackBerry sauce

Veal is the meat of steer or heifer not more than six weeks. All over is already the meat of calves or beef. It is believed that the best beef you can cook in Italy. But on pre-Petrine Rus calves at all to score was denied.

The taste of beef very much depends on what to feed a newborn calf. The most delicious meat is, if the calf was fed with real cow’s milk. But we have on-farm milk usually sent for sale, and calves fed at best natural colostrum, the worst – milk substitutes. The taste of this beef will leave much to be desired, so for home kitchen, if it is not possible to order the calf, upornogo milk, it is better to take meat at least one-year-old steer. Or rather heifers, since few farms allow myself to grow calves. And really, why? Now there is artificial insemination, which is much cheaper.

But good restaurants can afford to order the correct veal. We don’t know where and how they take the veal in Kiev restaurant “Lounge”, but still hope for the best. The chef of the restaurant Pavel Yarmolenko showed us in his kitchen how to cook the meat of a young calf.
So, the veal Tenderloin with BlackBerry sauce

Veal tenderloin 200 g
10g fresh rosemary
Garlic 10g
Salt 5g
Ground black pepper 2G
BlackBerry with\m 50g
Wine red m / with 40g
5g sugar
Apple 60g
White wine n / s 40g
Honey 20g
Vegetable oil 30g
Butter 20g

Veal tenderloin trimmed from the film and excess fat, cut into piece 200 grams,

salt, pepper,

add the sliced garlic and rosemary,

pour vegetable oil and promarinovatsya to cross the threshold from 10 to 15 min. Then fry them in a skillet gilevoy with two sides for 4 minutes, Then bring to readiness in the oven 10-15 min.

For the sauce:
Take 50 grams of blackberries, put in a saucepan,

pour red wine, salt, zaharim

and evaporated over a slow fire,

then being abandoned

and strain through a sieve.

For podgajniak:
Take the Apple, remove the peel and seeds,

cut into slices; fry the Apple in butter,

then add the white wine and honey, simmer until tender 5-7min.

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